SUCCESSION: a series of progressive changes sparked by a ecological disruption


Take it from nature: how the example of a forest fire can be a metaphor for life after tumultuous time, giving ourselves permission to rise from the ashes and embrace the beauty in uncovering new landscapes of our life. 


This collection of 9 paintings gave way to a new chapter in my studio-the very FIRST collection release as the newly rebranded Kaylarae Studio. Looking back, I could not think of a better word for new stylistic approach in my work. Featuring organic hues of acrylic and oil paints, poured on hand stretched cotton canvas, bounded in a handcrafted poplar floating frame- this collection was truly an adventure into the unknown for me yet so rewarding through the experimentation with these different mediums. 


Painting at our campsite 

The image that inspired many of my pieces taken near Mt. San Jacinto- charred roots gripping a steep Cliffside of solid rock, bearing new signs of life at it's tips

This series was inspired by my recent camping trip up to the mountains in Idylwild in late summer. The air was fresh and crisp, signaling the first sign of fall. This change in scenery was a much needed escape from our bubble, and for the first time in a long time I was able to slow down and admire the beauty of these unfamiliar surroundings. 

It’s amazing how these beautiful forests once started as just a rugged landscape, scoured in rock and uninhabitable climate. It is likely this space had also been burned to the ground thousands of times since its creation, yet somehow these towering trees persisted to grow through the chaos and sprout through the unforgiving earth. 


"Reach For The Light"


"Time Is On Our Side"


I have always noticed that nature has the solutions all laid out for us. All we have to do is observe it in action. Sometimes, if not always, we just have to let the fire destroy the chaos. We have to let it burn things to the ground, wait for the smoke to clear (it will take some time), and then allow the “ashy nutrients” of life lessons learned be our spiritual and emotional sustenance that catapults us into new and higher trajectories. 

Ultimately, this visual of organic persistence and “trust in the process” set the stage for what this collection has become today. 



Succession- The Fall Collection 


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Mikayla Gierut

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