Kayla was raised in paradise, known to many as Southern California. Since she was a child, Kayla shared a special connection with the environment. She found herself continually drawn to the complex interactions between flora and fauna found throughout her surroundings. 

Determined to learn more, Kayla went on to pursue her interest in the natural world at the University of Arizona, where she later graduated with a bachelors in Environmental Science in 2017.

As a 100% self-taught artist, Kayla grew passionate in translating the environmental complexities she studied throughout her academic career into free-flowing, sophisticated works of art using just raw canvas, acrylics and resin. While most of her work is abstract, Kayla draws her inspiration from the flow of water and geologic features found just steps from her studio in Laguna Beach. The result- artworks that evoke a sense of serenity and familiarity found naturally in response to our peaceful surroundings. 


Kayla strongly believes that there is truly an art to gathering- whether it be over a decadent grazing board with old friends, or through philanthropic action with new faces-When it is done properly, it has the power to build a community and sense of belonging, while bringing a smile to someone face that is least expecting it. 

Since founding Kaylarae Studio, Kayla has chosen to donate a portion of proceeds every month towards political initiatives that serve communities and movements in dire need of support. From aiding ocean clean ups, to providing holiday meals to local families in need, she is continually inspired by the outpouring of love and compassion that flows from working together towards making the world a better place.