Commissioning artwork is a unique experience that allows you to enstill your trust in an artist to create what you are visualising for a particular space, gift, or collection. Each art piece is handmade from start to finish, from hand stretching canvans, to blending pigments, creating these custom works is most certainly a labor of love tailored to your specifications

With the environment being the Kaylarae's greatest inspiration, each work strives to bring the beauty of our surroundings into every style living space. No artpiece is the same, as it is almost impossible to replicate techniques from one piece to the next, making this art truly one-of-a-kind. That is the beauty of original art. 

How it works

Step 1 - Sizing

If you’re thinking about artwork for a particular space, don’t hesitate to email me with the dimensions you're considering. I can advise on standard canvas sizes and assess if a custom size would be more suitable for your project. If you’re unsure about the exact size but have the measurements of the wall or furniture where the painting will hang, I can also recommend sizes that would fit the space well.

Step 2 - Inspiration

I appreciate any kind of inspiration you would like me to incorporate into your custom project that you can provide- particular paintings/style of mine that you favor, photographs of the space you intend on placing the custom piece, color pallets, landscapes or locations that inspire you, Pinterest boards etc.. This information will help me get a better idea of the overall style and mood you desire for your custom artwork. The more insight the better!

Step 3 - Formal Quote, Approval, and Deposit 

After we've finalized the sizing details, I can provide you with pricing information and the estimated lead time for the artwork. Upon your approval, I will send a formal quote and request a 50% deposit to begin the commission.

Step 4 - Progress Photos & Final Touches

After I have built up several layers of color on the canvas and feel it's ready for feedback, I will send you progress photos for your review. At that point, we can make any necessary adjustments and add final details before shipping the painting. The remaining balance will be requested to be completed prior to shipment

Commission Inquiry Form