When the inspiration for an entire collection has “endless” in the title, it’s a little funny to finally arrive at the release date tomorrow. I couldn’t be more excited!  

A year ago I watched Endless Summer projected on a big screen at the very beach where the original photograph, used as reference for the now-iconic movie poster, was taken. The aged photo looks as though it has a filter on it, but no, that’s simply the way film in the 60s presented! I fell in love with the stronger, softer, bolder colors. 

This is how the color palette for COAST, like those waves along the beach, crashed into my life. 

You’ll see teals and oranges, even shimmer effects, all drawn from the original photo taken at Salt Creek beach.  These brighter hues have ebbed into my new collection, showcasing a wider variety of color and sizes than in any of my previous releases

Mikayla Gierut


Mikayla Gierut

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Mikayla Gierut*/

Mikayla Gierut 9/13/22

Mikayla Gierut

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