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Neried (pronounced ne-reid) is inspired by the sea nypmhs; greek goddesses of the sea’s rich bounty and protectors of sailors. The Nereides were depicted in ancient art as beautiful, young maidens cloaked in silk white dresses, trimmed with gold that billowed around them in the water. They were most widely known throughout greek mythology to not only protect the sea’s rich bounty, but also provide protection and prosperity to seafarers and navigators that sailed the Agean Sea.  

With these sea nypmhs as her muse, The Neried Board is cloaked in a delicate white gloss featuring highlights of hand embellished 24k gold vines that weave throughout her surface, and sealed with the application of several layers of museum-grade resin. 



- Luxurious Dust-bag to ensure protection from storage and/or travel. 

-Every board is hand-sealed with our signature wax upon completion

-Signed/ numbered card to validate its authenticity and exclusivity by the artist herself

- 10% proceeds donated to Casa Teresa; a loving home for pregnant women in crisis


This grazing board size is ideal for serving 2-3 people- perfect for date night or on-the-go grazing!

Dimensions: 16" x 8"


Gently wipe down with a soft soapy sponge after each use, and dry immediately (Do not place in dishwasher as this will promote wood warping). We also strongly recommend conditioning your grazing board after each use to keep the surface clean and moisturized. You can purchase our signature board wax HERE. Please do not use Sharpe knives or materials near the resin surface, as this could potentially leave scratches and other irreversible damage. 

Should you have any other questions regarding proper care, please feel free to read our FAQ's