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Aperol Spritz: My Summer Entertaining Drink of Choice

What better way to enjoy these warm summer days spent lounging beside pool than indulging in a Grazing board and a refreshing cocktail? With the growing anticipation of the RIVIERA release June 30th, and the official arrival of Summer 2020, I think its time we turn up the heat and work a fun little Aperol Spritz Recipe into our Summer entertaining Arsenal of recipes..

Inspired by the colorful aesthetics of the Italian Riviera, and just as vibrant in taste as appearance, this Aperol Italian spritz recipe is considered the perfect summertime sip; it’s light and refreshing, while it marries crisp notes of citrus and herbs.The alcohol content is typically lower in this cocktail, making it a great option for all to toast these last warm nights as summer slips away.

Though the classic Aperol doesn’t call for it, I like to add a sprig of thyme to this Italian spritz recipe for that extra hint of freshness. I always like to incorporate Fresh herbs from the garden to take any libation (or any recipe, for that matter) to the next level


3 parts champagne
2 parts Aperol
1 part Club Soda
Orange Slices and Thyme to garnish

1.fill wine glass up with ice and add a thin orange slice
2. pour in champagne, aperol, and finish with Club Soda
3. Garnish with Thyme and ENJOY!